Episode 75 – McKinley Wallace

Hailing from the humid, sun baked shores of Florida, McKinley Wallace uses geometric shapes and negative space to empower the black figures he portrays in his work. He describes his works as “mixed media” and has worked on a few murals in the city. While he’s incredibly talented, he knows the key to success is getting down pat the “schmooze” aspect of the art world. Listen as we talk about his time in South Florida, how he came to begin painting black figures in his work, and how those black figures represent a future he sees for his people.


yvngtavo – never

Episode 74 – People’s Power Assembly, Baltimore

Some interviews and audio I recorded at the People’s Power Assembly in Baltimore on Saturday, June 6th. Over 8,000 people and 200+ cars gathered to march, protest and make our voices heard. We are DONE with the U.S.A. using the police as a state-sanctioned force to brutalize and oppress the public. I may not agree entirely with everything some of the interviewees said but I felt it was important to leave it intact. Ultimately, whatever gets your out of your house and to the protests is a step in the right direction. “The day that the black man takes an uncompromising step and realizes that he’s within his rights, when his own freedom is being jeopardized, to use any means necessary to bring about his freedom or put a halt to that injustice, I don’t think he’ll be by himself.”

– Malcolm X

Episode 73 – The Groovy Vandal

Art is a representation of many things to many people, and the artist’s journey is different for every artist. Jerome (aka the Groovy Vandal) found art at a young age. Early on he had to get resourceful to complete his wearable art pieces; then, he had to get tough, because let’s face it. High schoolers with opinions are brutally honest, and they had no problem telling Jerome when his stuff sucked. But, they also had no problem telling him when his stuff was dope. It’s the “dope” pieces that motivated Jerome to continue with art, and create a brand identity he continues to nurture and grow with today.


Temple – SwuM ft. bsd.u

Episode 72 – Amanda Mack

If I were a venture capitalist I’d fully fund Amanda Mack’s brand, Crust by Mack. Why? Because unlike SOME PEOPLE who think pie FILLING is the most important part of a pie, Amanda focuses on the ACTUAL IMPORTANT PART of the pie, which is the CRUST. I can’t STAND it when crusts are all flimsy and weak; I need a hearty crust on my pies and desserts. Listen as Amanda talks about the key to a good crust, the lessons (and disguised blessings) she’s received on her entrepreneurial journey, and why one 4-letter F word is as important to her as another 6-letter F word.

eu-IV – Questions

Episode 71 – Angela N. Carroll

Let’s get something straight off the rip. Angela Carroll is NOT a critic. Why? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out. I was going to split this into two separate episodes, but the knowledge Angela graces us with is best received in a single sitting. The Maryland native went to the West Coast, and among the eldritch redwoods did she receive an education in the art of critical theory, and had her train of thought challenged in a way the East Coast could not challenge her. Angela brought that experience with her back home, and works as an artist-archivist in Charm City. She wants to give DMV artists the credit they deserve, and celebrate bodies of work that are decades in the making, and far from finished.

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Episode 70 – Aaron Jones and Alysha January

*A few sentences about how COVID19 has us all inside, near stir crazy, wishing we could go out for more than the essentials* but when we HAVE to go out on those essential runs, or to Druid Park to walk around wondering when that Trump check is gonna hit, health experts say we should wear a mask. In this interview I talk with Aaron Jones and Alysha January of Bushelers of Baltimore. Before the rona, they did alternations, tailoring and garment repair for the city. Now they’re making masks to serve Charm City in its time of need. They don’t want to get rich off the custom handmade masks, but it’s put them in a position a lot of small businesses wish they could be in during this time; they’re busy as hell. Listen as they talk about creating a comfortable and affordable mask, the feedback and response they’ve received from Baltimore residents, and how what they’re doing today will impact and influence Bushelers tomorrow.


Bexfield ft. Motat – This is a Stick Up

Episode 69 – Erica Bentley

A huntress is always at the ready; like a forward scout, they have a bow in hand and an arrow ready to fly. Erica Bentley calls herself a huntress, and she’s always looking to add the next piece to her collection @keepersvintage. The hunt for vintage has always been in Erica’s blood; when she was young she studied the monthly texts. As she got older, she gained experience from the fashion high scholars and artisans, and for a short time ran with a band of other huntresses. Eventually, Erica had enough experience and knowledge to start her own hunt, one that continues to this day…


Ghostwavvves – Asuka

Episode 68 – Toluwalase Ojo

When you talk to Toluwalase, you have to say his entire name. No T, no Tolu (unless you’re family), and definitely not “guy with the dreads”. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria Toluwalase saw the business end of a teacher’s ruler for being disruptive. But when he moved to the States and he learned teachers weren’t (legally) allowed to beat students…the disruptions got worse. He managed to turn it around and now does all he can to give back to the community in the form of opportunities for creatives, and charity for those in need.


Puar – In the Morning

Episode 67 – Melvin J Penn II

Comedy is inherently funny so of course it’s not taken seriously as a genre (there is no comedy category for the Oscars). But, comedy also allows us to laugh at our flaws as humans, and as a society. Though Melvin never sets out to offend people with his stand up, it’s a hazard of the job. Another hazard of stand up? Having it spill over into your normal/working life. Listen as Melvin tells the story of a client’s child finding one of his profanity laced sets, the set that offended someone in the front row, and a PSA bringing awareness to an often looked over and underrepresented global minority.


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Episode 66 – Senator Mary Washington

This episode of Local Color was full of “firsts”. It was my first time interviewing a politician, and it was Senator Washington’s first time on a podcast. A Philly native, she was drawn in by Baltimore’s charm and has called it home for the last 10 years. Senator Washington is one of many candidates running for Mayor of Baltimore City. She went from teacher to congresswoman to Senator, and believes her experience in the public sector as well as her platform of reform and restoration makes her the right choice for Baltimore.

If you want to learn more, check the links below:

Senator Washington’s website

Senator Washington’s Public Safety Proposal

Puar – Breakfast Bump