Episode 69 – Erica Bentley

A huntress is always at the ready; like a forward scout, they have a bow in hand and an arrow ready to fly. Erica Bentley calls herself a huntress, and she’s always looking to add the next piece to her collection @keepersvintage. The hunt for vintage has always been in Erica’s blood; when she was young she studied the monthly texts. As she got older, she gained experience from the fashion high scholars and artisans, and for a short time ran with a band of other huntresses. Eventually, Erica had enough experience and knowledge to start her own hunt, one that continues to this day…


Ghostwavvves – Asuka

Episode 68 – Toluwalase Ojo

When you talk to Toluwalase, you have to say his entire name. No T, no Tolu (unless you’re family), and definitely not “guy with the dreads”. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria Toluwalase saw the business end of a teacher’s ruler for being disruptive. But when he moved to the States and he learned teachers weren’t (legally) allowed to beat students…the disruptions got worse. He managed to turn it around and now does all he can to give back to the community in the form of opportunities for creatives, and charity for those in need.


Puar – In the Morning

Episode 67 – Melvin J Penn II

Comedy is inherently funny so of course it’s not taken seriously as a genre (there is no comedy category for the Oscars). But, comedy also allows us to laugh at our flaws as humans, and as a society. Though Melvin never sets out to offend people with his stand up, it’s a hazard of the job. Another hazard of stand up? Having it spill over into your normal/working life. Listen as Melvin tells the story of a client’s child finding one of his profanity laced sets, the set that offended someone in the front row, and a PSA bringing awareness to an often looked over and underrepresented global minority.


Puar – Spark Bump

Episode 66 – Senator Mary Washington

This episode of Local Color was full of “firsts”. It was my first time interviewing a politician, and it was Senator Washington’s first time on a podcast. A Philly native, she was drawn in by Baltimore’s charm and has called it home for the last 10 years. Senator Washington is one of many candidates running for Mayor of Baltimore City. She went from teacher to congresswoman to Senator, and believes her experience in the public sector as well as her platform of reform and restoration makes her the right choice for Baltimore.

If you want to learn more, check the links below:

Senator Washington’s website

Senator Washington’s Public Safety Proposal

Puar – Breakfast Bump

Episode 65 – Monica Ikegwu

Monica is an incredibly talent painter who has achieved many milestones you’d expect from an artist decades in the game. While still an undergrad at MICA, Monica has won numerous prizes in art contests, secured representation by a gallery out West, and above all, has earned the blessing of her parents to continue making art (and money). Listen as she explains why MICA wasn’t her first choice, her process behind creating from idea to execution, and why being stubborn pays off, and sometimes backfires.

Ryan Little – Fall Down

Episode 64 – Thomas James

Thomas James has been deep in the art game since college, but he didn’t go to art school. He made his art world connections out in Western MD, an area more known for its mountains than its art. Those connections gave Thomas the experience and Rolodex to make moves in the Annapolis art scene, expanding his reach to D.C. and Baltimore. Listen as we talk about tattoos, the idea of a curator’s life and the reality of a curator’s life, and the road Thomas took to get where he is today.

Links to upcoming exhibitions Thomas is involved in:

We Are One

On The Verge: 25 New and Emerging Artists


Puar – Holiday

Episode 63 – Derrick Adams

I’m convinced the universe willed this interview. The first opportunity I had to interview Derrick fell through, and the next opportunity I had was on November 2nd, my birthday. Turning 30 was big for me, and the fact I got to interview an internationally renowned artist (with his works appearing in hit TV shows) was very reaffirming to me. Enough about me though, listen as Derrick talks about his interest in art, the disinterest he had in making money off art, and why he doesn’t consider himself an optimist, but an “alternatist”. It’s not a word yet, maybe Derrick can use it to create a new art movement.

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Links to Derrick’s upcoming exhibitions and projects:
PEM – Jacob Lawrence

Hudson River Museum


Puar – Tropical Sprite

Episode 62 – DJ Dagm

Dagm’s an old friend and co-worker. Back then he was lifeguarding and running track at school, and I was fresh out of college and lifeguarding waiting to find a real job. One day, Dagm came up to me and said something I’ll never forget. Listen as we discuss Dagm’s time away from home, what it felt like to come back, the passion that drives him, and the lessons learned along the way.

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Puar – Petal

Episode 61 – Josh Stokes

Josh Stokes is a Baltimore singer with a true passion for music. In the first of many episodes of what I’m dubbing the “Moose House mini series”, I’m going to be interviewing artists and creatives that have used The Moose House studio to record their music.Josh’s talent for music started at an early age and the price of pursuing his dream was a little steep for his parents. Though it had nothing to do with money, some say your image is just as valuable. Listen as we talk about moving f from East to West Baltimore, the difference between singing for the studio and singing for a live audience, and why the most talented performers can be the laziest.

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14 daze – Josh Stokes
Dare (Betcha_ – Josh Stokes

Episode 60 – Milly Vanderwood

It’s been a few months since I’ve published a new episode. This one doesn’t have an intro or outro; Im moving into my fiancee’s apartment (I also got engaged) and packed up my “nice” microphone and everything I use in my home studio. BUT AS ALWAYS bringing you the laid-back yet immersive interviews that won me a Best of Baltimore 2019 award from Baltimore Magazine! Sit back and enjoy as Milly and I talk moving from the city to the county, his journey from rapper to manager to gallery owner, and the changes the gallery has gone through over the years.