Episode 35 – Jess Solomon

Jess’s name definitely rings out in Black Baltimore’s arts and culture scenes. She’s always on the move working on creating. After years of nonprofit work and consulting  Jess struck out on her own with Art in Praxis. AiP is a consulting and creative firm that works with companies to develop better working conditions through art and understanding. Her journey from consultant to boss is an interesting one filled with field trips, starting a theater company, and a visit from everyone’s favorite alphabet agency, the IRS. Click here to visit AiP’s website, and reach out to Jess on social media, @jesssolomon(.)

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“Gurl U Playin” – NO FUTURE, from “Roxo02” off Monster Jinx Records

“Cosmic Kiten” – Letmeknowyouanatole, from “Horizon” off soo.su Records

“PC III” – Exit Exit, from “Exit Exit”

“I Really Hope” – Roger Plexico, from “Roxo02” offMonster Jinx Records

Episode 34 – Devlon Waddell


I first got in touch with Devlon through Robert “Scholar” Simmons (listen to his episode here), so this episode’s been in the works for a while now. Devlon gives off a confident but vulnerable energy. Knot You Vintage was a dream turned reality for Devlon, but it took him a lot of self reflection and working on himself  to be able to realize his true calling. Listen as we talk conformity, lovin’ the sh*t out of people, and the time tested tradition of making fun of people’s names. Check out what Devlon’s working on, on KYV’s IG fam, @knotyouvtg.

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“Horizon” – Letmeknowyouanatole, from “Horizon” off soo.su Records

“Amsterdam” – Unheard Music Concepts, from “Industry”

“Samsara” – Nihilore, from “A Human Work”

“Autumn Woes” – Ryan Little, Single


Episode 33 – Jerrell Gibbs



Art is something I was never good at; painting, drawing…even sketching a still life was always a struggle. Instead of being a tortured artist, I became a tortured…podcaster. Luckily there’s plenty of talented artists in Baltimore I can talk to death, and Jerrell’s one of them. I got up with Jerrell at Wyman Park on a sunny day, and we chatted for a few about his life, what got him into art, and where he wants his art to take him. This episode’s on the shorter side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! Check Jerrell’s art and updates on exhibitions at his website, and follow him on social media, @jerrellgibbs.

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“Very Rare Metal” – NO FUTURE, from “Roxo02” compilation album off Monster Jinx Records.

Episode 32 – Jimmie Thomas

20160909_125702Jimmie Thomas and the Curators of Hip Hop are on a mission of utmost importance. Through their online catalog and documentary series, COHH is giving exposure to artists that are on the verge of breaking through to national acclaim, and presenting hip hop as a universal language. A Tallahassee native, Jimmie’s path in life may have been written in the stars. In high school he had multiple encounters with a world famous rapper and singer (hint: hooks), so it makes sense that he dedicates his adult life to the art that was created all those years ago with two turntables and a microphone. We talk about what Curators does, a low point in Jimmie’s professional career, and how we shouldn’t be so quick to throw gangsta rap under the bus. Find COHH online and social media, @thecohh.

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“Male Sing Mosque” – Les Cartes Postales Sonores, from “Noise on Earth Vol. 5 Indonesia”.

“Sunflowers” – Pretochines, from “Roxo02” compilation album off Monster Jinx Records.


2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit – Day 4

brioxy-horiz-med-fdcd9fa2fc6442a20e873060b6400bb1The 2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit was a four day excursion into the hearts and minds of the “Ready Generation”; minority millennials (with some Gen Xers and Baby Boomers) who want to own their future. The final day of the summit was a trip to the Eisenhower Building at the White House, where summit attendees participated in a closed doors conference to discuss the steps the current administration is taking to ensure equity and opportunities for millennials of color. Cameras and recording devices weren’t allowed inside the Indian Treaty Room; the conference was off the record. The audio below is my personal meditation on the entire experience, something I’m bound to remember for years to come. My final interview with Ebony Costain of Ujamaa Box is at the end of the piece. Thanks for listening! Click here to read Brioxy’s policy paper, “The Ready Generation: Millenials of Color and the Moment for Equity and Prosperity”. To learn more about Brioxy and become a member, click here to visit their website. Find Local Color on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (links are at the top of the page). Thanks for listening!

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Episode 30 – Adam Jackson and Dayvon Love

20160420_192310On the back of the United States one dollar bill is two seals. One seal, an unfinished pyramid with the “all seeing eye” at its summit, has been interpreted as a masonic symbol. Whether you believe in D’evils and the Illuminati wanting your mind soul and body, the pyramid is unfinished, because as a nation and a people, our work is never finished. As black people, many conversations in the community are about how we can rise up and overcome to live life independent of a system that never intended to serve us. For Adam Jackson and Dayvon Love of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, their “unfinished pyramid” is policy action that directly impacts Black Baltimore. Listen to Dayvon and Adam explain their vision for LBS in their own words. Follow LBS on IG and Twitter, @LBSBaltimore.

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2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit – Day 3

brioxy-horiz-med-fdcd9fa2fc6442a20e873060b6400bb1The 2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit was a four day excursion into the hearts and minds of the “Ready Generation”; minority millennials (with some Gen Xers and Baby Boomers) who want to own their future. The third day of the summit held discussions about migration, gentrification, food justice, and a lot of breathing exercises. Special thanks to Cole of Brioxy, chef, activist and author Bryant Terry, Alexandria Lee of the Anew School, Daniel Alejando Leon-Davis, Lilia Ramirez aka Liliflor, Xochitl Palomera, Wendy Carillo, Yol-Itzma Aguirre, Chef Yolanda, Sarai from Long Beach, Dante Karp and Queen Nyabinga (sp?) McDowell from Richmond, California, Chef Yolanda, and anyone else who helped make this possible! Extra special thanks to Joey Price of Jumpstart HR for interviewing me while I wore a bathrobe for his podcast, Business Life and Coffee!

Live Show!

NO AUDIO HERE YOU HAD TO BE THERE, 1/1. Special thanks to Lawrence Burney, Andre Mazelin (not pictured, but his establishment is) and everyone who came out to the show! It was a great success, stay tuned for updates on the next live show!JV LB

Episode 28 – Michael Singleton

If you frequent the Farmer’s Market under the JFX or in Waverly, you’ve had to maneuver your way around some long lines. The longest line usually belongs to Blacksauce Kitchen. Their handmade biscuits are buttery and flaky, and when they make them into sandwiches with stuff like applewood smoked pork, onion jam and a farm fresh egg well…speaking from personal experience, it’s a good way to start your weekend. In this interview I talked to Michael Singleton, sous chef at Blacksauce.  Born and raised on the westside, Michael’s parents made sure he got the best education money could buy in Baltimore. He talks about his experiences at Gilman, going to school in the Midwest, and why “everybody gets a turn” on the cultural appropriation ride. Blacksauce is on Facebook and IG. Search Blacksauce Kitchen on FB for menu updates!

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