Episode 21 – Jay Rags

Jay Rags is a great guy, and I learned a lot about him and house music with this interview. It was interesting listening to him talk about a Baltimore that was, in the 80s before I was born. On the upside Baltimore is a lot less violent than it was as Jay describes it. On the downside well…if you’ve looked at the news or read an article you get what I mean. But enough of the sad stuff, listen as Jay gives meaning to the terms “yo” and “prep”, talks about opening his café Nubohemia, and what house music did for him. Find NuBohemia online @nubohemia, and stalk Jay Rags as well! @jay_rags_soulfiesta. If you’re feeling adventurous and outdoorsy, stop by the café for coffee, a smoothie, some good tunes or just to say hi! 42 W. Biddle St. Happy Easter!

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Episode 19 – Jinji Fraser

The song my guest was named after…it’s super dreamy.

Growing up I liked chocolate, but liked it way more when it was paired with peanut butter. Even today if I have some change in my pocket and succumb to the candy aisle at checkout, I’ll grab a Reese’s and finish it before I get to my car. Though the candy is sweet and makes me feel good for about 2 seconds, it’s not exactly healthy. But, Jinji of Pure Chocolate by Jinji has shown me the light. Chocolate is healthy for you, but all the added sugar and chemicals that make it a “flat” sweet as Jinji describes it, is what makes kids bounce off the walls. Though her journey to becoming a chocolate maker was indirect, she believes wholeheartedly it was fate. Learn more about Jinji and her chocolate at her website, jinjichocolate.com(.) You can also follow her on Instagram, @jinjichocolate!

Episode 17 – Treason Toting Company

At their core, Jason Bass and Aaron Jones are just two buddies building a dream. The rapport they have with one another would make you think they met five minutes after they were born, but they were already adults when they became friends. They crack wise during the interview, making themselves laugh as much as they make one another laugh. But between the laughs and chastising me for accidentally sliding in the DM, they are two brothers dedicated to living outside the box society wants to place them in. When they started Treason Toting Company, they said they wanted to commit “social treason”. Instead of starting a streetwear fashion company, they took a left turn at “predictable” and decided to make weekender bags, card holders and other accessories they talk about in this episode. Check out their website where you can learn more about Aaron and Jason. They’re most active on IG, so follow them and stay tuned!

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Episode 18 – Jermaine Bell



Just kidding. He was there when it happened though. I knew of Jermaine for a couple years through my sister and other people in Baltimore’s black arts scene. I finally got to meet the man, myth and legend at an event he coordinated with Edgar Reyes (listen to Edgar’s episode here!) at Impact Hub Baltimore. He worked in radio for a time in Baltimore and was shocked to see all the changes the Rotunda and the recording studios have made. We sat down and got to talking about his life and art, and he also gave me some advice about getting my name out there and becoming the person I want to be. When he’s not making it happen at Impact Hub 5 days a week, Jermaine’s pretty active on his IG account. You can spot some of his work around town but I’ll leave that adventure to you!

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