The song my guest was named after…it’s super dreamy.

Growing up I liked chocolate, but liked it way more when it was paired with peanut butter. Even today if I have some change in my pocket and succumb to the candy aisle at checkout, I’ll grab a Reese’s and finish it before I get to my car. Though the candy is sweet and makes me feel good for about 2 seconds, it’s not exactly healthy. But, Jinji of Pure Chocolate by Jinji has shown me the light. Chocolate¬†is healthy for you, but all the added sugar and chemicals that make it a “flat” sweet as Jinji describes it, is what makes kids bounce off the walls. Though her journey to becoming a chocolate maker was indirect, she believes wholeheartedly it was fate. Learn more about Jinji and her chocolate at her website, You can also follow her on Instagram, @jinjichocolate!

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