Jay Rags is a great guy, and I learned a lot about him and house music with this interview. It was interesting listening to him talk about a Baltimore that was, in the 80s before I was born. On the upside Baltimore is a lot less violent than it was as Jay describes it. On the downside well…if you’ve looked at the news or read an article you get what I mean. But enough of the sad stuff, listen as Jay gives meaning to the terms “yo” and “prep”, talks about opening his café Nubohemia, and what house music did for him. Find NuBohemia online @nubohemia, and stalk Jay Rags as well! @jay_rags_soulfiesta. If you’re feeling adventurous and outdoorsy, stop by the café for coffee, a smoothie, some good tunes or just to say hi! 42 W. Biddle St. Happy Easter!

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