20160319_144039What started as an innocuous post on Reddit’s (relax) Baltimore board turned into me checking out MissionFit Baltimore’s spacious and lofty work out area. I met with MFB’s trainer Geoff Blake, who taught me a new way to do squats (Bulgarian Split Squats) and alked about MissionFit’s vision. After our conversation I got to meet the nonprofit’s founder, Wendy Wolock. We talked for a bit and decided she’d be a great guest for the podcast. A self described “suburban white woman”, Wendy combined her desire to give back to the community with her fitness background to give Baltimore kids a safe space to work out and be surrounded by positive vibes. The initial spark for MissionFit was a teacher that taught Wendy in her childhood. The result is a gym space in Remington where kids and adults can come and do better. If you’re interested in getting involved, head over to missionfit.org to learn more. If you’re REALLY interested, just drop in at the gym! 2720 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211. If you’re REALLY REALLY interested, run there from your house right now!

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