20160326_153820Fox’s Empire has been a smash hit since it premiered two years ago. Some say it’s a modern day telling of Shakespeare’s King Lear. I don’t really like Shakespeare and don’t have cable, so I’ll have to take their word for it. An aspect the show is constantly praised for is its Afrocentric art. Where’s all that art sourced from? Well, it comes from Baltimore. Particularly from the lavish Galerie Myrtis. I met Myrtis (the gallery’s owner and director) after attending a panel discussion at the gallery, “Food as a Paradox”. I thanked her for the discussion and was taken aback when she agreed to do the interview. The interview itself is an amazing one, probably my top 3 favorite since starting the podcast. Myrtis’s life sounds like one from a work of fiction, and one I feel honored to catalog.  Click here to look at the gallery’s page, and look at upcoming events! Galerie Myrtis is open to the public as well!

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