If you frequent the Farmer’s Market under the JFX or in Waverly, you’ve had to maneuver your way around some long lines. The longest line usually belongs to Blacksauce Kitchen. Their handmade biscuits are buttery and flaky, and when they make them into sandwiches with stuff like applewood smoked pork, onion jam and a farm fresh egg well…speaking from personal experience, it’s a good way to start your weekend. In this interview I talked to Michael Singleton, sous chef at Blacksauce. ¬†Born and raised on the westside, Michael’s parents made sure he got the best education money could buy in Baltimore. He talks about his experiences at Gilman,¬†going to school in the Midwest, and why “everybody gets a turn” on the cultural appropriation ride. Blacksauce is on Facebook and IG. Search Blacksauce Kitchen on FB for menu updates!

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