2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit – Day 3

brioxy-horiz-med-fdcd9fa2fc6442a20e873060b6400bb1The 2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit was a four day excursion into the hearts and minds of the “Ready Generation”;¬†minority millennials (with some Gen Xers and Baby Boomers) who want to own their future. The third day of the summit held discussions about migration, gentrification, food justice, and a lot of breathing exercises. Special thanks to Cole of Brioxy, chef, activist and author Bryant Terry, Alexandria Lee of the Anew School, Daniel Alejando Leon-Davis, Lilia Ramirez aka Liliflor, Xochitl Palomera, Wendy Carillo, Yol-Itzma Aguirre, Chef Yolanda, Sarai from Long Beach, Dante Karp and¬†Queen Nyabinga (sp?) McDowell from Richmond, California, Chef Yolanda, and anyone else who helped make this possible! Extra special thanks to Joey Price of Jumpstart HR for interviewing me while I wore a bathrobe for his podcast, Business Life and Coffee!

Live Show!

NO AUDIO HERE YOU HAD TO BE THERE, 1/1. Special thanks to Lawrence Burney, Andre Mazelin (not pictured, but his establishment is) and everyone who came out to the show! It was a great success, stay tuned for updates on the next live show!JV LB