2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit – Day 3

brioxy-horiz-med-fdcd9fa2fc6442a20e873060b6400bb1The 2016 Brioxy Innovation Summit was a four day excursion into the hearts and minds of the “Ready Generation”; minority millennials (with some Gen Xers and Baby Boomers) who want to own their future. The third day of the summit held discussions about migration, gentrification, food justice, and a lot of breathing exercises. Special thanks to Cole of Brioxy, chef, activist and author Bryant Terry, Alexandria Lee of the Anew School, Daniel Alejando Leon-Davis, Lilia Ramirez aka Liliflor, Xochitl Palomera, Wendy Carillo, Yol-Itzma Aguirre, Chef Yolanda, Sarai from Long Beach, Dante Karp and Queen Nyabinga (sp?) McDowell from Richmond, California, Chef Yolanda, and anyone else who helped make this possible! Extra special thanks to Joey Price of Jumpstart HR for interviewing me while I wore a bathrobe for his podcast, Business Life and Coffee!

Live Show!

NO AUDIO HERE YOU HAD TO BE THERE, 1/1. Special thanks to Lawrence Burney, Andre Mazelin (not pictured, but his establishment is) and everyone who came out to the show! It was a great success, stay tuned for updates on the next live show!JV LB