20160909_125702Jimmie Thomas and the Curators of Hip Hop are on a mission of utmost importance. Through their online catalog and documentary series, COHH is giving exposure to artists that are on the verge of breaking through to national acclaim, and presenting hip hop as a universal language. A Tallahassee native, Jimmie’s path in life may have been written in the stars. In high school he had multiple encounters with a world famous rapper and singer (hint: hooks), so it makes sense that he dedicates his adult life to the art that was created all those years ago with two turntables and a microphone. We talk about what Curators does, a low point in Jimmie’s professional career, and how we shouldn’t be so quick to throw gangsta rap under the bus. Find COHH online and social media, @thecohh.

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“Male Sing Mosque” – Les Cartes Postales Sonores, from “Noise on Earth Vol. 5 Indonesia”.

“Sunflowers” – Pretochines, from “Roxo02” compilation album off Monster Jinx Records.


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