Episode 35 – Jess Solomon

Jess’s name definitely rings out in Black Baltimore’s arts and culture scenes. She’s always on the move working on creating. After years of nonprofit work and consulting  Jess struck out on her own with Art in Praxis. AiP is a consulting and creative firm that works with companies to develop better working conditions through art and understanding. Her journey from consultant to boss is an interesting one filled with field trips, starting a theater company, and a visit from everyone’s favorite alphabet agency, the IRS. Click here to visit AiP’s website, and reach out to Jess on social media, @jesssolomon(.)

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“Gurl U Playin” – NO FUTURE, from “Roxo02” off Monster Jinx Records

“Cosmic Kiten” – Letmeknowyouanatole, from “Horizon” off soo.su Records

“PC III” – Exit Exit, from “Exit Exit”

“I Really Hope” – Roger Plexico, from “Roxo02” offMonster Jinx Records

Episode 34 – Devlon Waddell


I first got in touch with Devlon through Robert “Scholar” Simmons (listen to his episode here), so this episode’s been in the works for a while now. Devlon gives off a confident but vulnerable energy. Knot You Vintage was a dream turned reality for Devlon, but it took him a lot of self reflection and working on himself  to be able to realize his true calling. Listen as we talk conformity, lovin’ the sh*t out of people, and the time tested tradition of making fun of people’s names. Check out what Devlon’s working on, on KYV’s IG fam, @knotyouvtg.

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“Horizon” – Letmeknowyouanatole, from “Horizon” off soo.su Records

“Amsterdam” – Unheard Music Concepts, from “Industry”

“Samsara” – Nihilore, from “A Human Work”

“Autumn Woes” – Ryan Little, Single