Chef Green’s always on the move. If she isn’t working a food demo and showing people how to cook vegan and vegetarian inspired meals, she works as a private chef for her clients in the DC area. I met Chef Green at a gallery opening for local artist and previous guest on the pod, Jerrell Gibbs. We talked about meatless eating and though she didn’t convert me, I was interested enough in her story to set up an interview. A Brooklyn native, Green has solidified herself as an accomplished and knowledgeable chef, who shows no signs of slowing down. We talk Ital eating, her travels in West Africa, and the dark side of falling asleep after a big meal of that soul food. Here’s the Wikipedia article about ┬áthe science behind “the itis”.

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“Sweet Potato Pudding Dub” – Red Star Martyrs

“Suede Head” – Red Star Martyrs


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