Episode 39 – Live Show Pt. 2!

Audio from Local Color’s second live show at ExittheApple Artspace! I sat down on a comfy couch with artist and filmmaker Pierre Bennu to talk about making art, growing up in a foreign household, saying “uhh” a lot, and what it takes to be an artist. IGs for everyone involved: @localcolorpodcast, @exittheapple, @_regularblack (new episodes March 7th), @jtbeezwax, @exittheappleartspace, @blk.sugar, @amandammack(.) Holla @flavorandosoul for the shirt I’m wearing. Thanks to everyone for coming out! Another live show sometime soon, most likely when it’s warm(er) out. Pics by Selly Smith:



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Episode 38 – McKeever Conwell

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur nowadays; in lieu of becoming an actor or musician, some of us think it’s easier to build a business or start a podcast that gets wildly popular overnight (it’s not easier). Enter McKeever Conwell. The college dropout turned tech investor started¬† his career at the Department of Defense. By his mid 20s he was making more money annually than most people his age, and even older! Sounds glamorous right? Well as McKeever tells it, there’s a darker side to entrepreneurship, but it can pay dividends if you’ve got the stuff.¬†Follow McKeever on Twitter


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“The Dark Seed” – Pocketmaster, off “#010010”

Rest of the tracks by Visager