Episode 42 – Justin Temple

Self reflection can come at any time. For Justin Temple, it comes several times a day. As a yoga teacher and student, Justin believes principles taught in yoga have crept into his everyday life. He thinks it’s making him a better person. Yoga has international appeal but it wasn’t always this way. Two Indian yogis brought the ancient art to the West and now, yoga’s come under fire as appropriation. Justin explains that yoga wasn’t some secret ripped from the hands of its forefathers; rather a gift that one culture gave to the world, and smiles at its spread across the globe.

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Mangoes, Right Shake (demo) and Light My Fire – James Pants

Episode 41 – C Harvey

I had the mic levels a little too high on this one, so my narration will sound scratchy/gainy. Everyone’s riding their own horse.

C Harvey’s hustle is undeniable. She was a working professional at age 19, but the cold unflinching hand of life grabbed her by the neck and in its own special way told her, “be yourself”. After much hardship including abusing synthetic drugs, C. got back on track and is living her truth. We talk about being chin checked by reality, learning that you really really need to crawl before you can walk, practicing stillness, hard lessons for Baltimore’s arts scene, and taking up space to better the community.

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Broken Bells – James Pants

Something Wicked Crawled Through My Window – James Pants

Forbidden Island – James Pants