Episode 54 – Erin Baynham

Youtube has taught me a lot about makeup. Baking, contouring, highlighting…it’s amazing to see what people can do with it. Social media has become an incubator for the multi-billion dollar industry, giving amateurs the chance to have their artwork on the same platforms as the pros. Amidst the beauty blenders and Urban Decay, my guest Erin Baynham thinks we may be going a tiny bit overboard. Erin’s the host of the Scandalous Beauty podcast, where she interviews world-renowned makeup artists and skincare professionals. Listen as we talk about makeup as a rite of passage for young girls, why Erin and a well-respected MuA think we’re in the dark ages of makeup, and social media advice from a professional. Did I mention Erin’s also MICA’s social media strategist? Find Erin on IG: @erinbaynham.

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