I’ve been taking some time away from the podcast to work on myself and practice self-care. Now that I’m back, my focus is renewed and I’m working on a collaboration with a local organization to continue the podcast and make it more community oriented. On to the show!

Bilphena Yahwon is a writer and activist, the latter title being something that runs in her blood. A refugee of the Second Liberian Civil War, Bilphena’s grandfather defied a government that persecuted its own people. However, Liberian/Americo- Liberian relations also contributed to tensions in her home country. As Bilphena’s family fled, she settled in Ivory Coast, then they emigrated to the United States. Listen as we discuss Bilphena’s crash course on American identity politics, finding herself in womanist theory, and the work she does with Restorative Response Baltimore!

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Barbara Kanam – Jardin damour
Ikebe Shakedown – Penny the Snitch
Tchakare Kanyembe – Track 09

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