Episode 69 – Erica Bentley

A huntress is always at the ready; like a forward scout, they have a bow in hand and an arrow ready to fly. Erica Bentley calls herself a huntress, and she’s always looking to add the next piece to her collection @keepersvintage. The hunt for vintage has always been in Erica’s blood; when she was young she studied the monthly texts. As she got older, she gained experience from the fashion high scholars and artisans, and for a short time ran with a band of other huntresses. Eventually, Erica had enough experience and knowledge to start her own hunt, one that continues to this day…


Ghostwavvves – Asuka

Episode 68 – Toluwalase Ojo

When you talk to Toluwalase, you have to say his entire name. No T, no Tolu (unless you’re family), and definitely not “guy with the dreads”. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria Toluwalase saw the business end of a teacher’s ruler for being disruptive. But when he moved to the States and he learned teachers weren’t (legally) allowed to beat students…the disruptions got worse. He managed to turn it around and now does all he can to give back to the community in the form of opportunities for creatives, and charity for those in need.


Puar – In the Morning