Episode 77 – Brandon Scott

Depending on who you ask (and what neighborhood you’re in), you’re either extremely happy or extremely frustrated Brandon Scott won the Democratic primary for Baltimore City mayor. Since his first foray into local politics the Park Heights native has been written off and discredited, and feels immense pressure to perform and be the change he wants to see. Since his high school days as a track star with his extremely competitive teammates, Brandon uses the pressure to hold himself accountable and make sure he leaves a path for those coming after him. Listen as Brandon talks about growing up next to an infamous building in Park Heights, his path to City Council President, stories from the campaign trail, and his plan for Baltimore’s brighter and more equitable future.

Since President Scott and I are fans of Wu Tang and OB4CL, I created an alternate cover for the podcast episode.

Episode 76 – Doz Of Fitness

i was scrolling through my IG feed between sets at the gym and happened upon Chidozie’s IG acct. He’s more shredded than a julienne salad and his videos show beginner to advanced fitness routines and exercises. Even though he doesn’t live in Baltimore I decided to reach out for an interview because it’s been a long time since I’ve interviewed anyone in the fitness world, and his story is quite interesting. Listen as we discuss Chidozie’s early life, a trip to Nigeria that almost claimed his life, going to school during COVID, and of course, stuff about fitness, nutrition and discipline!