Episode 85 – Trish Ofori

For the last 10 years Trish has been doing what everyone is telling you to do on social media….that is, she’s been buying, selling and renovating properties. But it’s not as easy as 1,2,3….there’s a whooole lot of other steps before you get to the bag, and even AFTER you get the bag, Trish says you can still fumble it if you’re not thinking long term. Listen as Trish talks about her beginnings in Springfield, MA, the start of Ofori and Co, and why the end result isn’t the most important thing to her when approaching jobs.

Photo: Bmore Art

Episode 84 – Rob Lee

This was an easier episode to edit because my guest Rob Lee is a podcaster. A native of East Baltimore Rob stood out from other kids when growing up, and looking back it was a formative experience that helped him find his voice. Listen as we chop it up about the art of podcasting itself, being a black podcaster in Baltimore, his experiences in the professional world as a data analyst, and fasting (yes, fasting).