Episode 87 – Media Rhythm Institute

The Media Rhythm Institute is a collaboration born from the minds of two Baltimoreans (one by way of Florida) that combined their love of hip hop, and passion for youth education. MRI blends media literacy, STEM, and artistic expression into a program that’s spawned mini-documentaries, compilation mixtapes, and perhaps most importantly, a level of understanding and camaraderie with two communities that were headed fast down a path of mutually assured destruction.

MRI’s: Bandcamp: https://mriprograms.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-hits-vol-1

Episode 86 – Score|Swayze

It’s not often I talk to a musician or artist and they explain how Math is integral to their music making process. It’s also not often the musician breaks 4th wall to remind you; his entire brand is a gimmick. The more I talked with Score|Swayze the more I enjoyed his candid yet thoughtful approach to music, how he internalized his lonely excursions into Baltimore’s art scene, and most importantly…anime and cooking.

Intro: Batmane Beyond
Outro: Tsubomi’s Interlude

Find Score|Swayze on Bandcamp