When you close your eyes and think of the word “archive”….what do you see? Maybe grainy black and white films, or sitting in front of a microfiche machine scrolling through old periodicals. More importantly, what do you feel? Looking back at any institution’s history is bound to stir up negative feelings, but that isn’t the goal of archivist and photographer Deyane (Dee-yawn) Moses. A 7 year veteran of the US military, what began as a longing for a connection to her Carribean heritage and culture put Deyane on a path of exploration and discovery of the spotted history of Maryland’s most celebrated art school. Listen as she talks about her anger at being denied the knowledge of her family’s history, the struggles (and bright spots) of her time in the military, and her journey from servicemember to an MFA graduate of MICA, all while putting the school’s history under a microscope.

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