Episode 112 – Jerome Chester

This interview is the result of running into Jerome at the Juneteenth pop-up in Reservoir Hill. Think of it as a follow up to his first interview with the podcast back in 2020. If you haven’t listened to that episode, go back and check it out so you can get the full picture and see the evolution of Jerome as an artist and as a man. On this episode, we talk about self-exploration, the blurred lines of a brand and an identity and about Jerome’s upcoming solo exhibition, “It’ll All Make Sense.”

Be sure to check out “It’ll All Make Sense,” from September 1st to October 2nd at The Alchemy of Art, 1637 Eastern Ave.

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Episode 111 – Ada Pinkston

Ada Pinkston has been a mainstay in Baltimore’s arts scene for quite some time now. She’s got the CV, performance pedigree, and enough Ws in the “grants received” column to stand next to anyone in DMV that calls themselves an “artist”. Listen as Ada talks about her childhood and travels all over the country, what influenced her move to Baltimore and why she stayed, advice for would-be grant applicants, and much more!

Episode 110 – Maurice Valentino

Every once in a while you meet someone that has an infectious energy to them. They live life passionately, and when you interact with them you can’t help but catch the fever and believe anything is possible. Maurice is one of those individuals, one with so much energy I could feel it through our Zoom interview. Listen as he talks about growing up in the city and county (then city again), the highs and lows of attending a prestigious HBCU, and how Maurice finds solace in internet memes, social media, and hip hop.