Episode 116 – Tashira Halyard

Entrepreneur and “attorney in recovery” Tashira Halyard of Politics and Fashion talks about her early days hustling in the world of law, explains why she had to break the cycle of putting everything before her health, and she drops some gems for those looking to scratch the itch of entrepreneurship.

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Episode 15 – Mylez Danielz

Remember when you were a kid and you just did what you wanted with no fear or trepidation about what others would think about you? As we get older and have the capacity for guilt and shame, we close off that playful, capricious side of ourselves because we have to be “serious”. But Mylez Danielz makes music while maintaining that playful yet confident spirit, music you’d blast in your car to get pumped up for the day ahead, but maybe with the windows up because it can get a little crazy. Listen as Mylez talks about growing up in Harford County, how he came to music as a kid, pursuing projects with childhood friends, and what the local venue “The Crown” means to him.