Episode 53 – Megan Lewis

Megan’s got murals all around Baltimore, and to have her art as part of the city is an honor in itself. But Megan wasn’t always a muralist; there was a point in her life where she may not have picked up a paintbrush at all. A chance encounter with Dr. Joann Martin, co-founder of the Great Blacks in Wax Museum gave Megan the push she needed to get where she is today. Listen as we discuss the pitfalls of pride, not being recognized for her work, and watching other people run with her ideas. Follow Megan on IG: @urbanhipsta. You can look at more of Megan’s art here.

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Kick, Push – Ryan Little

Sweet Me – Loyalty Freak Music

Blonde – Nctrnm

Cosmic Kitten – letmeknowyouanatole

Episode 51 – Creative Mornings Panel

Happy New Year! If you follow me on IG you know I’ve been quiet because I’m working on a new project. Something very personal and unfortunately very common in the black community. Follow @absentsireshow and bookmark absentsirepodcast.tk to stay updated (email newsletter may be coming). Now that I’ve a second to breathe, here’s the audio from my first ever panel where I’m the moderator!

I sat down with Montier and Chavon of SVNCRWNS along with Nicolas and Chris of Noisy Tenants to discuss how both camps are using their creative juices to control the context of Baltimore’s neighborhoods and its people. A quick note, in the beginning I reference the movies Dope and Straight Outta Compton but never tied the two together. What I wanted to say (but didn’t because I was nervous) was how two movies can put one neighborhood/area in different contexts, and you get different stories. But you knew that already because Local Color listeners are smart. Enjoy! (P.S. follow Creative Mornings on IG, @baltimore_cm) Pics of the event below, courtesy of Laura Ferrara.


Episode 50 – Will Walker

For my 50th episode of Local Color, my guest Will Walker met me at the far side of Druid Lake Park. The part where you can walk along that small stone wall and get a view of the JFX and Charm City. Listen as we talk about Will growing up in Cleveland, being the son of a cop, finding passion in cooking, and hosting Creative Mornings Baltimore. Follow Will on IG, @waternoxygen.

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Pasta – Fleslit
Good night – Letmeknowyouanatole
Summertime Boom Bap – Ryan Little
Ali Babab – Oelek
California – James Pants
Chill Mode – Audiobinger

Episode 49 – Melony Hill

Melony Hill is proof and a living, breathing reminder that black women are indestructible, and their willpower is infinite. The whole deck was stacked against her, from day 1. But through it all Melony took her traumatic experiences and turned it into success. Listen as we talk about Melony’s contentious relationship with her mother, how the cover of a Playboy got her off the streets, and her advice to aspiring self publishers, and anyone who feels like life has cast them aside. Follow Melony on IG: @strongerthanmystruggles

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Keshco – Prickly Ascent, Hammond Horror
Rafael Archangel – So Cold, Melancholy Tune, Calm Down
Fleslit – Money Problems
Ryan Little – Get Up

Episode 48 – GRID Alternatives Mid Atlantic

Back before us millennials had the audacity to think we could be whatever we wanted, there was a time we had computers…with no internet. Hard to believe, but it’s true. What’s even harder to believe, scientists have been tinkering with solar thermal energy since the early 20th century! As technology advanced, so did ideas about solar energy, and government attitudes toward the renewable energy source (climate change deniers notwithstanding). Enter GRID Alternatives; a non-profit that provides solar energy installations to low income families, free of charge! Listen to volunteers and employees of GRID explain why they chose to set up office in the Mid-Atlantic, the valuable experience volunteering has, and why they’re so charged up about solar energy! Follow GRID on IG: @gridmdv

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Albatross and Where’s My Jetpack?! – Computer Music All-Stars

Episode 47 – Wallace Lane

“Jordan Year” is a big step for writer and poet Wallace Lane. It represents a selfishness he had to cultivate in order to be happy and turn away from a career in Criminal Justice. It’s also the author’s first book, self-published and auto-biographical. The title of the book also holds a certain significance for Wallace, one he explains in this interview. Wallace is already working on a second edition of the book, and all his plans moving forward are about giving back to Baltimore’s youth. Find Wallace on IG, @wallykool. Pick up a copy of Jordan Year here or at Dovecote CafĂ©!

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Track 27, Close to It – James Pants

Episode 46 – Terrance Frazier

Frazier is one of many New Yorkers who came down to Baltimore. A Queens native, Frazier got his education (in more ways than one) at Morgan State in Northeast. He co-founded City of Gods, a clothing and lifestyle brand that’s all about uplift, community engagement and black excellence. Listen as Frazier talks about the brand, coming up in New York, and the time someone got knocked out at an event at the shop. Follow Gods on IG: @godsneverdie and @godsneverdiephilly.

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You Aint Gotta Lie – Chrissy Stayhigh
Asuka – Ghostwavvves

Episode 45 – Jay Saint Aubyn

Jay’s a rapper from Baltimore, and my first musical artist as a guest. I met him through another guest, Rob Simmons. Jay’s on the quieter side but if you listen to his music you can immediately tell he’s his best self when he’s rhyming. We talk about growing up in Baltimore, how his older sister kept him out of trouble, and how he moved from producing to rapping. Follow Jay on IG: @saintcooljay

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Purple City – Jay St Aubyn ft. Dude Clayy

Episode 44 – Shavise Glascoe

I was surprised how long Shavise and I talked for this one. I spent more time talking with Shavise about her day job than I did talking about what I knew her for, the Flavor and Soul food blog! With recipes, local finds and personal “favorites” Shavise herself describes Flavor and Soul as “not a weight loss blog”, though her career in public health has her working with clients to get their mind and body right. Follow Flavor and Soul on Instagram, @flavorandsoul(.)

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Tuesday Morning, Stuck – Ryan Little

Spectre – [‘noiseonport]