Episode 114 – Jessica LaShea

Technology has a weird way of slowly pushing us to a future we’d only see in sci-fi movies as kids, while still maintaining and rooting us in tradition. For hundreds of years ailing people sought the help of energy healers, traveling far and wide to seek healing from “experts”. Nowadays a Google search or YouTube video can bring you the same relief our ancestors risked their lives to receive. Enter Jessica “Jet” LaShea. Listen as the Arlington native talks about her life growing up in Virginia, the winding path she took to get where she is today, and why she thinks more than ever, Black people are comfortable seeking and practicing more traditional and esoteric forms of worship.

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Episode 113 – A’Lelia Bundles

Names hold power in our lives, and life has a weird way of moving in a circle. For A’Lelia Bundles, her name shaped her life, and in turn, her life circled back to her name. She’s the great-great granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker, but she kept that to herself because she wanted to be her own person. Listen as we talk about A’Lelia’s childhood in Indianapolis, making her own way in media and journalism, and how from graduate school to the present day, A’Lelia carries and protects the stories of her ancestors and her own story as well.

Local Color is hosted and produced by Jason V. and is distributed by Your Public Studios.

Episode 112 – Jerome Chester

This interview is the result of running into Jerome at the Juneteenth pop-up in Reservoir Hill. Think of it as a follow up to his first interview with the podcast back in 2020. If you haven’t listened to that episode, go back and check it out so you can get the full picture and see the evolution of Jerome as an artist and as a man. On this episode, we talk about self-exploration, the blurred lines of a brand and an identity and about Jerome’s upcoming solo exhibition, “It’ll All Make Sense.”

Be sure to check out “It’ll All Make Sense,” from September 1st to October 2nd at The Alchemy of Art, 1637 Eastern Ave.

Local Color is hosted and produced by Jason V. and is distributed by Your Public Studios.

Episode 111 – Ada Pinkston

Ada Pinkston has been a mainstay in Baltimore’s arts scene for quite some time now. She’s got the CV, performance pedigree, and enough Ws in the “grants received” column to stand next to anyone in DMV that calls themselves an “artist”. Listen as Ada talks about her childhood and travels all over the country, what influenced her move to Baltimore and why she stayed, advice for would-be grant applicants, and much more!

Episode 110 – Maurice Valentino

Every once in a while you meet someone that has an infectious energy to them. They live life passionately, and when you interact with them you can’t help but catch the fever and believe anything is possible. Maurice is one of those individuals, one with so much energy I could feel it through our Zoom interview. Listen as he talks about growing up in the city and county (then city again), the highs and lows of attending a prestigious HBCU, and how Maurice finds solace in internet memes, social media, and hip hop. 

Episode 109 – Yele Adelusi

Vision, passion and love are three flames of the same fire that burns inside us. In order to have vision you must be passionate and love what you’re doing; in order to love you must be passionate and have vision for a long term commitment. Passion is something that you can’t manufacture, and the vision and love for fashion design is what Yele passionately puts into her creations at Yelestitiches. Listen as she talks about moving from Nigeria to Baltimore, how early success motivates her to work harder, and some words about the DMVs entrepreneur scene.

Episode 108 – Tanay Lynn Harris

Last week the country took one shameful, regressive step back to a time when anyone who wasn’t a white man was a second class citizen. I typically have levity for most situations but in just one afternoon the Supreme Court snatched away a woman’s rights and bodily autonomy. Several states across the nation have trigger laws that are now active, making a woman’s choice with her body illegal. I’m privileged enough to live in a state that views women’s rights as human rights…but the overturning of Roe v. Wade will have economic and systemic effects that ripple through our communities. I could go on at length about my disappointment in my elected officials and how they’ve failed all of us, but instead I turn to the grassroots organizers and activists who’ve quietly done the work for the sake of empowering their community. Tanay Lynn Harris is an activist that’s dedicated her life to reproductive justice. Listen as we talk about her first exposure to the (lack of) reproductive justice in the US, how activism before social media had a little more accountability, and her co-founding of The Bloom Collective, a network dedicated to holistic and culturally competent reproductive and familial care.

Episode 107 – Lindsey Brown

We all have life experiences that are direct results of our actions and choices, and others that seem unrelated but when you think hard enough, you find the connection from a choice made ages ago. People also come into and leave our lives depending on those choices, and my guest Lindsey Brown had someone extremely special come into her life and leave just as quickly. Listen to her story and decide for yourself…were they a guardian angel? A serial entrepreneur looking to help the next generation of bootstrappers? Or just a helping hand when someone needed it most? Whatever the case, the Newark native has an amazing story to tell.


If you follow the podcast on Instagram you’ll know I got food poisoning after returning from my honeymoon….ironic right? While I regain my strength and put the finishing touches on the next episode, I’m rebroadcasting my episode with pastry chef and entrepreneur Amanda Mack. Enjoy!

Episode 106 – Josh Stokes

At long last, I got the chance to catch up with Josh Stokes about 3 years after our first interview. In that time he’s released new projects, one of them produced entirely in his mobile recording studio. In 2022, Josh is focused on making more meaningful connections with his audience, and gearing up for a feat of strength for any performing artist: going on tour.