Episode 44 – Shavise Glascoe

I was surprised how long Shavise and I talked for this one. I spent more time talking with Shavise about her day job than I did talking about what I knew her for, the Flavor and Soul food blog! With recipes, local finds and personal “favorites” Shavise herself describes Flavor and Soul as “not a weight loss blog”, though her career in public health has her working with clients to get their mind and body right. Follow Flavor and Soul on Instagram, @flavorandsoul(.)

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Tuesday Morning, Stuck – Ryan Little

Spectre – [‘noiseonport]

Episode 5 – Kenneth Burns

Kenneth Burns has been WYPR’s city reporter for quite some time. In recent times, he’s been covering the trials of the six officers charged with the death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray. In this episode we talk about Freddie Gray, the failings of Baltimore’s black power structure, Kenneth’s career in journalism, and a meditation on ┬áblack “unity” in the 21st century.

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