Episode 12 – Darryl Patterson


Darryl’s a cool guy. I first met him at a champagne toast for Dovecote Café. They celebrated passing their final inspection. Darryl was sipping some champagne when Aisha introduced us, and we got to talking about what I do and what he does. We set up a time for an interview, and this is the result. We talked about his beginnings in the DMV, how his work marries design and spirituality, and Darryl relates art collaboration to cooking with different ingredients.  At the end of the interview he said he wants to come back again, so whenever mother nature stops trying to play us with this weather, you’ll hear another episode with Darryl! Check out dpattersondesignstudio.com to look at Darryl’s work and learn more about Lottie’s Place.

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Episode 11 – Letta Moore

My mic wasn’t cooperating and my voice doesn’t sound good at some points, especially on the outro >:( Luckily Letta came in crystal clear. Letta is the owner and operator of Knits Soy and Metal. she’s not running candle making workshops  or brainstorming jewelry collaborations, she’s on the grind hand knitting  scarves for men and women! We talk a bit about her upbringing, what motivated her to start KS&M, and why it pays to stay cool when people do their best to ruin your day. Check out her IG and you’ll see candles, jewelry and videos of Letta knitting!

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Episode 10 – Aisha Pew ft. Cole B Cole

Tenth episode!!

Aisha and her partner Cole moved to Baltimore from Oakland, California. After a career in corporate America, Aisha thought her skills and experience could be put to better use opening up a  coffee shop. That coffee shop is Dovecote Café, in Reservoir Hill.  We talk about starting the shop, Aisha’s hatred of the Brooklyn of today, and why snowballs are infinitely better than ANY summer time treat. Cole jumps on the mic to talk about the importance of home ownership in the black community, and last but not least, we learn why Aisha was drinking a cup of hot water.  Shout out to Bacon the dog for being a good dog! Follow Dovecote Café on their IG!

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Episode 9 – Lu Zhang

Note: Lu’s webpage is ACTUALLY lu-zhang.com, with the hyphen. Don’t listen to me. But listen to the interview!

Lu moved to the United States due to educational policies during China’s Cultural Revolution. Though she was rebellious in her teenage years, Lu’s art focuses on themes such as memory, and being a 1st generation American. We talk about growing up in the Midwest, attending grad school in the Netherlands, and a piece of art her mom isn’t supposed to know about! Follow Lu on Instagram @zhanglux.

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Episode 8 – Cara Ober

Cara Ober is the founder of BmoreArt, an online arts publication that showcases Baltimore’s creative talent. I sit down with Cara to talk about how she started BmoreArt (which just released the first issue of their new magazine), what it was like being my art teacher, and why artists need to think about owning property.

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Episode 7 – Bobby English Jr.

Bobby and I went to school together, and briefly went to high school together. The universe willed that we meet again. I sit down with him to talk about his performance art, how he sculpts his performances pieces, and his thoughts on seppuku. We briefly mention the age old debate of which is the better game, Final Fantasy VII. or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time*.

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*it’s Final Fantasy VII.

Episode 6 – Darius Wilmore

Darius was bitten by Pharrell Williams*.When I met him in person for the interview, I couldn’t really place his age. We find out Darius’s age (and mine) in this interview. We also talk about Taharka Brothers’ beginnings, and the documentary filmed about the ice cream company’s Kickstarter campaign (link to the doc below!) In addition to providing jobs for the community, Taharka Brothers also creates opportunity for its employees through their management structure .

Documentary link: vimeo.com/127608534

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*Most likely not true.

Episode 5 – Kenneth Burns

Kenneth Burns has been WYPR’s city reporter for quite some time. In recent times, he’s been covering the trials of the six officers charged with the death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray. In this episode we talk about Freddie Gray, the failings of Baltimore’s black power structure, Kenneth’s career in journalism, and a meditation on  black “unity” in the 21st century.

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